Newstrike Capital in The Wall Street Journal: “In Mexico, Gold Mines Beckon Once More”

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Nicholas Casey of The Wall Street Journal interviewed Newstrike’s CEO Richard Whittall in the article detailing Mexico’s “new gold rush” underway with discoveries of highly concentrated deposits.

Casey writes: “These high-grade discoveries include the find late last year of an underground deposit the size of a high-rise building in the mountains of Guerrero—a strike nearly a thousand feet deep and 500 feet wide that mining companies believe to be one of the most highly concentrated discoveries in Mexico in the last 50 years.”

“People had said everything had been discovered in Mexico. Now you’re seeing a renaissance,” said Richard Whittall, chief executive of Canada’s Newstrike Capital Inc., which discovered the Guerrero site, still under exploration.

Click here to read the entire article from The Wall Street Journal.


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