Lundin’s Mexican Presence

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The Lundin Group of Companies is the principal shareholder of Newstrike Capital Inc.

Internationally recognized as leaders in identifying superior investment opportunities in the natural resource sector, the Lundin group’s endeavors have led the development of several world class mineral deposits and significant gains for shareholders who participated in their ventures.

Renown for their foresight and their ability to identify highly prospective properties The Lundin Group, led by Lukas Lundin, acquired their stake in Newstrike in advance of the recent activity in the Guererro Gold Belt as demonstrated by Gleichen Resource Limited’s proposed acquisition of 78.8% of the Morelos Project from Teck Resources Limited.

The Guererro Gold Belt has an inventory of over 12 million ounces of gold, which continues to increase with ongoing exploration and/or mine development activities. Newstrike today controls an important strategic position of over 81,330 hectares within the within this significant gold camp. Newstrike’s management team was instrumental in the discovery of over eight million of those gold ounces.

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